Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sözen Professor of International Relations, “A New Security Architecture for United Cyprus” March 07, 2017 (@BEA4, EMU)

Sözen - A New Security Arch

On March 7, 2017 Political Science and International Relations Department of Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) has organized a seminar that took place at the BEA4 room (Old Senate Room) in the Eastern Mediterranean University. During the seminar, a professor of Political Science and International Relations at Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sözen, gave a speech on “A New Security Architecture for United Cyprus” that emphasized the importance of the security issue for the architecture of United Cyprus.

Sözen received his BA degree in 1991 from Bogazici/Bosphorus University (İstanbul, Turkey), his MA in International Relations in 1993 from Syracuse University (USA) and his PhD in Political Science (International Relations) in 1999 from the University of Missouri (USA). He is the founding Director of Cyprus Policy Center – a think tank within EMU. Besides his university work, Prof. Sözen is the founding Turkish Cypriot Co-Director of the UNDP funded program Cyprus 2015 which operated first under Interpeace and later became the first inter-communal think-tank called SeeD – Center for Sustainable Peace and Democratic Development. He is currently the Research Director of SeeD. His current research interests include: conflict resolution, peace-building processes, governance in multi ethnic societies, the Cyprus conflict and negotiations, Turkish foreign policy and democratization processes. Sözen has published extensively on the Cyprus conflict and Turkish foreign policy; and he is a frequent commentator of world events in local, Turkish and international media, such as BBC and Al Jazeera International.

Sözen mentioned to five main purpose and rationale of the security dialogue initiative as: firstly, the move away from win-lose security perceptions; secondly, to broaden and deepen the debate around security such; thirdly, to better understand and deliberate on the security; fourthly, to collect and develop alternative security arrangements; and, lastly but not leastly, to collect and develop alternative security arrangements. Sözen also pointed out to the propositions, including alternative security arrangements and dialogue with policy stakeholders, that were suggested for the solution of the security needs of people of Cyprus.


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