Dr. Sophia Dingli International Relations Department, University of Glasgow ‘A Depoliticized Peace’ March 9, 2016 (@BEA5, EMU)

dingli 2016

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Cyprus Policy Centre (CPC) held a seminar on May 3, 2017 on the subject of ‘Apolitic Peace’. The seminar’s opening speech was made by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sözen and Glasgow University academic staff member Sophia Dingli was the speaker. Sophia Dingli is a lecturer in International Relations at the University of Glasgow. Her work explores the concept and phenomenon silence in International Relational theory and practice and its implications for political order and peace. Her work has appeared in Politics and the European Journal of International Relations, among other publications.

The aim of this seminar was to examine the extent to which contemporary peace theory exhibits the characteristics of depoliticisation, the significance of this and the alternatives available in light of these findings. During the seminar the extent to which the Contemporary Peace Theory shows depoliticization characteristics, its importance and alternatives in the light of findings were discussed. EMU International Relations Department students actively participated in the seminar, relying information about their own countries. Dingli formerly participated in a seminar in EMU on international relation theories and their implementation as well as the notion of “Silence” in 2015 upon the invitation of CPC. Among, Dingli’s academic publications is her work published in “Politics and the European Journal of International Relations”.

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